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    Why eat gfBar?

    All those who want to achieve results in their lives have high energy demands. gfBar provides energy from simple carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber that slows the rate of digestion and provides continuous energy. The content of wild Canadian blueberries, brazil nuts, taurine and caffeine in the ORIGINAL version combined with one third of the recommended daily value of fiber has the best result for your body. gfBar encourages you to say goodbye to fatigue, celebrate, share moments of your life and inspire those around you.

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    When to eat gfBar?

    gfBar provides continuous energy before, during or after physical or mental activity. There are several examples of times of use. In the morning, when you can't catch up on breakfast. Before lunch, if you feel tired. When you are driving. In the afternoon, when you lack energy, have a gfBar instead of a cup of coffee. Before and after any sporting activity. In the evening, when you have a social event and need to focus on your friends or partners. You're sure to find the best moment for yourself. Irregular consumption will give the best results.

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    Where to eat gfBar?

    It's ideal to have gfBar always at hand. That's why we recommend you to get a subscription. Not only will you save up to 30%, but also your favorite snack will be with you from morning to night. Put your gfBar in your sports bag, keep a few pieces in the office and a few in your car. These are the places where you're most likely to get a craving for extra energy. Both the ORIGINAL gfBar with caffeine and the COCOA gfBar, which has no nuts or caffeine and is therefore more suitable for those with food allergies, will provide you with that.

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