• Kanadské borůvky

    50% wild blueberries

    We found the best blueberries in Nova Scotia, Canada. They have twice the amount of antioxidants and are the best tasting in the world. In a gfBar, the blueberries are vacuum dried using gentle technology and there are 102g of them fresh in one bar.

  • Brazilské ořechy

    20% Brazil nuts

    Brazilian nuts in the ORIGINAL version are a source of selenium and are considered the number one superfood. Consuming Brazil nuts can benefit your health in several ways, including regulating your thyroid, reducing inflammation and supporting your heart, brain and immune system.

  • Zdroj vlákniny

    Source of fibre

    On average, we lack one-third of the recommended daily allowance of fibre. Exactly this amount can be found in one gfBar. Fibre plays an indispensable role in our health.

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