Wild blueberries from Nova Scotia, Canada

Let's Rid the World of Fatigue

Fatigue is a phenomenon. It affects each of us to varying degrees.

From mild physical fatigue, which can be pleasant and relaxing, to myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), which can turn our lives upside down.

We are the makers of the energy snack Goodbye Fatigue – gfBar. gfBar is a unique premium energy bar made without compromise.What makes it different from the others?It is made from the finest ingredients we could find on our planet.Half of all the ingredients used in gfBar are dried blueberries, harvested from the wild plains of Nova Scotia, Canada.These are the highest quality blueberries in the world.Compared to regular blueberries, they contain twice the amount of antioxidants. We carefully selected Brazilian nuts, fiber, caffeine, and taurine. gfBar is made without preservatives, colorings, and added sugar. We continuously innovate gfBar based on customer feedback and scientific insights.

We deliver our energy snack to companies around the world. Thanks to gfBar, companies are enhancing the health and productivity of their employees.

We support research on chronic fatigue syndrome ME/CFS, which affects over 20 million people worldwide, through our proceeds.

Only 25% of affected individuals can continue working.Up to 25% of affected individuals stay at home.There is no test.There is no cure.Affects women, men, and children.Anyone.Anytime.

We are a responsible company of the 21st century.Join us.

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